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Your Cryotherapy Session

Relax and prepare to be energized! Remedy will provide you with a robe, gloves, thermal socks and neoprene shoes to protect your feet. All clothes worn in our CryoSauna must be 100% dry. All jewelry, watches and metal must be removed.

The Cryo attendant will answer any questions you have about the process prior to entering the cryosauna. All first time users will start at Level 1 for up to 3 minutes and the attendant will monitor your comfort level through out the session. The extreme temperature will force blood to your core where it will enriched with more oxygen and nutrients.

Upon leaving the sauna most guests report feeling exhilaration from the cold and release of endorphins triggered by the sympathetic nervous systems reaction to extreme cold. As your body rewarms itself in a process called thermogenesis you will burn 600-800 calories. Oxygen and nutrient rich blood will provide you with increased energy and decreased inflammation. You are now ready for high performance!

How Does Whole Body
Cryotherapy Work?

After the session, the body immediately begins to reheat itself, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation by clearing toxins, lactic acid and metabolic waste. The new supply of oxygenated blood stimulates cellular regeneration. Many notice an after-burn effect in which they metabolize additional calories. WBC treatments have been adopted by elite athletes and professional sports teams for muscle recovery and injury prevention.

What Is Whole
Body Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the process of exposing the body to ultra-low temperatures (-130F to -190F) in a controlled environment for a limited amount of time. This action stimulates receptors, activating a Central Nervous System response and causing causes a release of endorphins. The body immediately begins sending blood from your arms, legs, skin, muscles, and joints into your core to protect the vital organs. As blood travels to the core it passes through the heart, lungs, and liver where it is cleansed of inflammatory properties, toxins, and metabolic wastes and then resupplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. This rapid cleansing of the blood eliminates a tremendous amount of inflammation and provides your skin, muscles, and joints with hyper-enriched blood.

"Excellent service. Great equipment. Wonderful environment."
Nadja L
"First class treatment"
John C
"Great staff I feel great I told lots of people they need to try it"
Maria C
"Warm environment. Very knowledgeable. Good location."
Jennifer L
"I loved the staff and cleanliness of the facility, not to mention how fantastic I felt after my services were completed! I'll be back next week and I'm hoping to get my parents to try it one day!"
Simi P
"Impromptu appointment was made and the service was friendly and excellent."
Robert L
"Pleasant atmosphere, helpful and knowledgeable staff."
Almira P
"Clean organized environment. Cool services. Improved my sore hamstring. Great service. Reasonably priced"
Alyson B
"Total experience was great! Felt really good after the total body cryotherapy. Appreciated the friendly service and tour of what other things you had to offer."
Connie Z
"Customer service is really important. Everyone is really nice and accommodating. I also prefer small/local businesses"
Jacqueline F
"The staff is friendly, the place is calming and lovely. The staff also knows which treatments will provide a benefit to your body based on the issues/problems you have. I have recommended this establishment to several people because I look forward to going every week."
Almira P
"Quality equipment and service"
George K
"Remedy Rocks"
Don P
"Great service. Michael is passionate about alternate methods for body recovery. The space is inviting and it's always a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. "
Joshua D
"I discovered Remedy while trekking from Hartford to Stamford for orthopedic glad I did! The atmosphere is light, clean, & fresh. The staff are very friendly & accommodating. I've been doing cryo sessions each time I come, I've found it extremely beneficial for my joint pain from arthritis, as well as providing quicker recovery after workouts. It always leaves me energized, & my level of pain is greatly reduced. Thank you Remedy Bodyworks!"
Kris J
"I am a seasoned runner. Last month I has knee and shin injuries due to excessive running. That's when I learned about the benefits of cryotherapy. Remedy Bodyworks was located in an ideal area for me since I work mostly in Stamford. The facility was clean, the staff is very friendly and the appointment was satisfied on-time. I will definitely be going back for more sessions of cryotherapy. If you have any soreness, aches and or just need to recover quicker from intense activity. Remedy Bodyworks has the keys to unlock your potential with their cryotherapy. "
Alex A
"This was my first time trying out the cryotherapy and the staff was very inviting and reassuring. Liz walked me through the entire process and kept me laughing while I’m the chamber. I will definitely be back...Remedy Body Works rock!!"
Dolores Z
"What a great facility. Very clean and comfortable. Mike let me know the benefits of cryotherapy and I was intrigued. So glad I went. I felt great after and have done a few sessions. I definitely feel better ! Even less sore after my workouts ! And stronger !"
Pat M
"Great facility and great people"
Richard F
"This is a very fresh, clean and relaxing place. Very kind and welcoming people!Highly suggest to everyone."
Edite J
"Great experience! I came before work and was able to get a quick crypto therapy session in. It was my first time and I was very well informed on how it would work and what to expect. Definitely would recommend."
Colton G
"Michael creates a safe and effective experience for his clients. The results are truly beneficial!"
Goose H
"Remedy is currently the best kept secret at Harbor Point. The treatment, knowledgeable staff and attention to details allows you to learn about the value of cryogenic treatments and you feel the benefits immediately. I'm so happy to have them in the 'hood."
Harmony S
"Great service was very pleased first time doing cryotherapy it was awesome"
Lewis B
"Great service and the cryo works! "
Barbara A
"I love this place! I'm new to the area and this place feels like home. Michael is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. Such a great experience"
Tia T
"I went to Remedy to help with a sports injury and got so much more. It was also like a visit to the dermatologist. The cryotherapy and infrared treatments reduce swelling and inflammation throughout the body's cells (anti-aging!) and produce collagen. It'a beautiful studio and spa. Can't wait to try a Sven massage next. Luxe! "
Barbara G
"Great place, high quality people, wonderful atmosphere and high quality experience"
Anthony S


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