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At Remedy, we are about body recovery and maximizing body wellness and performance through Cryotherapy, Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, PEMF and other holistic therapies. These Therapies provide a healthy, non-invasive approach to building strength for competitive growth, injury recovery and whole body wellness. We want you to feel your best. We love exercise, adventure, competitive sports and personal athletic challenge. These Holistic Therapy Technologies work to keep you in the game, as well as speed recovery, providing a host of benefits that you will want to share with everyone but your competition.

Remedy’s Founder is Michael Gorman. Michael has been a life-long disciple of holistic body work as well as athletic challenge and is a firm believer in the incredible results that are happening with Holistic Therapy Technologies. He is excited to bring Remedy to Stamford and build a community of active people that want to feel great and get the support they need to achieve their personal goals for wellness and athletics.

Remedy will be building a stable of other Holistic Therapy Technologies, Healing Professionals and events in the near future, so follow us to stay informed on all the latest additions and news. We look forward to building a community of support and inspiration for Healthy Happy Living.

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Remedy Bodyworks
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(203) 595-5755

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