5 Ways to Beat Inflammation

By January 24, 2018 Inflammation
how to beat inflammation

You can beat inflammation, but there is no panacea treatment available in a one-size-fits-all prescription. Each person has unique flares and triggers for inflammation that are determined by a combination of factors, including your underlying condition, your overall health situation and your environment. We beat inflammation when our symptoms don’t interfere with our daily plans.

1. Nutrition

Regardless of the cause of your inflammation, there are diet choices that are commonly known to reduce inflammation and inflammation-related pain. Ginger contains chemical compounds that reduce the inflammation of muscles and other soft tissues. Ginger also affects heart rate and blood pressure to improve circulation. Add more turmeric to your foods for an aromatic, colorful dish plus the benefits of anti-inflammatories.

2. Hydration

Keeping hydrated helps you to beat inflammation. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. Add juices to your diet that pack an anti-inflammatory wallop like blueberry, pineapple and lemon. Drink both caffeinated beverages and alcohol in moderation as they have a dehydrating effect on the entire body.

3. Physical Therapy

Physical therapies include range-of-motion exercises, weight-bearing exercise, sonar and light therapies. A licensed physiotherapist will design an inflammation recovery plan to treat injury, promote healing, and reduce pain and swelling.

In addition to clinical physiotherapy, walking at a comfortable pace several times a day for 15 minutes will strengthen your cardiovascular system and improve overall circulation. Yoga exercises, done under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor, are also known to beat inflammation by improving cardio strength, muscle strength, joint range of motion and overall circulation.

4. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a very effective inflammation remedy for many people. You can apply a heat pack or hot water bottle to the inflamed area for several minutes at a time. You can reapply heat several times. Always be certain that the temperature of the heat pack is no warmer than you can comfortably tolerate. Heat therapy should provide soothing relief, not be hot to the touch.

A warm bath provides a totally immersive heat therapy opportunity that boosts circulation, and reduces inflammation and pain. Try an aromatic bath or a salt bath for additional inflammation therapy.

5. Medication

Medication is available to treat inflammation from a wide range of pharmaceutical groups. There are many preparations of anti-inflammatory medicines, from creams and pill therapy, to smokable and vape ingested remedies. Medicines are often prescribed in combinations to treat inflammation, its underlying cause and the pain so often associated with inflammation. Just a few of the common pharmaceutical groups being used to treat inflammation include NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and naproxen), steroid medicines like cortisone and prednisone, and pain relievers.

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